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GamesAfterWork is a group of friends who enjoy gaming, and wanted to share our experiences with you all at home. We are multi-streamers, who play video, board, card, and other tabletop games.

If you share our passion for gaming, or just enjoy random hijinx, we welcome you to the table!

Damian Alderman

Resident Zelda Fanboy and Current Pokemaniac

Damian has been playing games since he was old enough to hold his first NES controller. He enjoys streaming, a nice cold beer, lengthy gaming sessions and binge watching Bob’s Burgers.

Damian’s Favorites:

  • Game: Breath of Fire III
  • Game Series: The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda Game: A Link to the Past
  • Pokemon: Gardevoir <3
  • Current Gaming Obsessions: The Binding of Isaac, Pokemon TCGO and Overwatch
  • TV Show:¬†Regular Show or Bob’s Burgers (with a hint of Rick and Morty).


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